How design systems can enhance creativity in cross-functional teams

Design systems and designers always have had a love-hate relationship. You can argue that design systems will add more restrictions to a project or a feature and don’t leave much room for creative exploration and expression. Not to mention restrictions from user experience patterns or operating systems giving the impression that all apps and websites look the same.

At Undo, we disagree. On the contrary, we use design systems as a framework to create more room for creative exploration and actually stand out from the crowd. Let me dig into how we do this.

Startups are known for rapid change…

Undo insurance is a Danish startup aiming to make insurance understandable, transparent and fair to younger generations. As lead designer since late 2018, I am responsible for the app and web experience and the overall visual representation across all platforms and apps.

One of the biggest challenges in Undo is keeping up with the fast pace while also making sure the user experience is consistent across platforms. …

illustration of abstract faces ordered from black to white with a gradient background

At the beginning of this year I was working on a new feature for the Undo app. It is a new feature that still has to be released but I came across a challenge while designing it.

For those who don’t know, Undo is a danish insurance app that aims to make insurance transparent, digestible and easy to understand. Especially for younger people who never bought insurance before.

We have a strong brand to target this audience and to maintain this strong image and brand language we use emoji’s — a lot, authentic imagery taken by Dennis Morton (ig: @detokay)…

I would like to dedicate this month’s blog post to a topic that is often not talked about: Creativity in product design and more particularly in startups. For some, this might be a topic that maybe not even needs to be discussed, but to me it is something I have been thinking about and maybe even struggling with for a while. Hear me out.

Memory lane

I started as a digital experience designer back in 2014. …

It is January of a new year — and some even call it a new decade. In theory each new year can be the beginning of a new decade but I get why people like to emphasise that now. It is nevertheless the perfect time to be reflective about the past year and/or decade so I took the opportunity to list my 10 biggest professional learnings as a digital product designer of 2019.

In the past year I had to deal with a lot of change. Both in my private life and in the projects I was working on. A…

A little background information

As the lead designer at Undo, a rapidly growing startup in the Copenhagen Fintech scene I can proudly tell that we recently won the Nordic Fintech Design Award.

Honoured and surprised as we were, we took a moment to reflect on the past six months, what structural changes happened, what went well and what could be done better… We took the time to sit down for half a day and discuss with the entire product team our process, tools, way of work, way of collaboration etc.

Imagine being in a room for 4 hours with a…


Digital product designer currently Lead Designer at Undo

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